Say hello to your guiding light- "God I'm Ready to Build With You."

Are you a fearless Christian woman entrepreneur, ready to build a business that aligns with God's purpose? Say hello to your guiding light — "God I'm Ready to Build With You." More than just a book, it's an inspiring guide designed to lead you through the collision of faith and business. Get ready to answer the call, build with purpose, and experience the freedom, fulfillment, and divine abundance that come when you declare, "God, I'm ready to build with You."

By the end of this book, clarity will replace confusion, purpose will replace uncertainty, and divine abundance will replace fear. It's not just about starting a new journey; it's about stepping into a life of meaning and purpose. The nudges won't stop, and the knocks will get louder. This is your moment to answer the call because purpose is calling, and the question is: Are you ready?


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