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God, I'm Ready to Build With You: Your Guide to Building a Life and Business with God's Word

God, I'm Ready to Build With You: Your Guide to Building a Life and Business with God's Word

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 Ever had those nights where sleep seems like a distant friend, and your thoughts won't let you be? Those restless nights? They're like little taps from God, trying to get your attention. 

You've probably shed some tears of frustration and felt a yearning for something more. It's like a call—a pull toward a bigger life. The discomfort you're feeling is like a sign telling you that there's something more out there for you.

So, God has been nudging you, right? Maybe you've whispered, "God, I'm ready to build with You."

But now what? You're committed, but the path ahead feels a bit foggy.

In this book, we're going on a journey together. We'll uncover the roadmap to your purpose, shine a light on the steps to fulfillment, and tackle the fears that come with the unknown. The discomfort you're feeling isn't a sign of trouble; it's more like getting ready for something new.

By the end of this book, things will become clearer. You'll know how to answer that call you've been hearing. It's not just about starting a new journey; it's about stepping into a life full of meaning, freedom, and purpose. And yes, abundance too, because God has something big in store for you.

No more running away, no more resisting. The nudges won't stop, the knocks will get louder. It's time to answer the call because purpose is calling, and the question is: Are you ready to answer? If your heart says "yes," let's jump into this transformative journey together.

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