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Creator's Blueprint Self-Paced Course

Creator's Blueprint Self-Paced Course

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Our self-paced course has been meticulously designed to cater to your busy lifestyle, providing you the freedom to learn, create, and flourish on your terms. No need to worry about live sessions – you're in control of your learning journey.

Unlock your potential and tap into the world of planner, journal, or devotional creation like never before. This comprehensive course is your ultimate toolkit, guiding you through every phase of the process – from inception to launch.

What's included:

 -6 jammed packed modules to help assist you with creating your product. 

1. Developing Your Product Idea: Unlock the secrets to creating a unique and compelling planner journal line that stands out from the crowd.

2. How to Design Your Product: Learn how to properly design your product where it is not just a pretty product but a transformative product

3. Production: Introduction to Amazon KDP: Discover how to efficiently print your products using Amazon KDP, the industry-leading print-on-demand service.

4. Marketing: Mastery: How to Boost Your Sales: Master the art of creating a winning marketing and launch strategy that captures your target audience's attention.

5. Launch Day Preparation: Learn how to create a launch day strategy to ensure you have a successful launch.

You will also receive worksheets and a workbook. 

But that's not all! Your journey doesn't end with the course materials. You'll gain access to our thriving Facebook group. This space is where your questions find answers, your creations receive feedback, and where insightful Q&A sessions unfold.

Note: This is the self-paced option which means you will only receive the course videos and additional resources. Due to the nature of this product, there are no refunds. Nothing will be mailed.

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